What travelling as a musician looks like

There are many images that come to mind about how it is like to be a travelling musician. Of course I would love to romanticize it but the truth is that it is much less [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2980316/]exciting[/link] than what you would think. As you can imagine the groupies and fame is not there when you are a low level guy like me – and a lot of times it involves searching online for the best deal on accommodation.

When I go out many times I will bring by my van – which means all my equipment will be in there. Sometimes bars that I book will have their own sound system that I can plug in – so that leaves just a place for me to sleep for the night – and yes there are times when I just sleep in my van. It is not the most comfortable alternative – however when every hotel costs a lot – and I am playing in a big city – especially when the fee for that city is not great – then I have no choice but to sleep in my van – well it’s either that or stay at a friend’s house or in the tent which I have – which is not the best.

But travelling is not all bad – you get to see many parts of the world and enjoy it – and it is a great fun job when the money is coming in right. Everyone wants to be successful – and being a musician is pretty high up on the list for many people.

There are certain things I have to pack every time I go out on tour – and one of those is my Bare Brush Australia which helps me to ensure that my teeth are clean. Of course – my voice is not that affected by how clean my mouth is – and believe me when I say many musicians are absolutely filthy – however there are other things I like to pack as well.

Even now I have difficulty playing the guitar – even so far as cancelling a gig – if I don’t have my guitar pick that I treasure – it has kept me lucky all this time. Then there is the guitar itself – a 1989 guitar I bought at an op shop and which serves me well to this day. You will not find me throwing my guitar around and smashing it into the ground like you would see other musicians do – firstly I love my guitar – and secondly I couldn’t afford a second one as easily!

Then at the end of the day I like to unwind – and the best part of playing gigs at bars and clubs is all the food you can eat as one of the perks to get me out there – which is probably how they justify paying me such a lowered rate! Hey as long as I am well fed I am happy.

As a musician protecting my musical content is important – and that’s why – of all places I trust http://www.walkerlawgroup.com.au/ with my music catalogue management.

The perils of touring in France in 2000

Touring – for our band had been difficult in 2000. At that time there was a fear of terrorism after the September 11 attacks – which made traveling difficult. And with the advent of online technology we didn’t know what to do.

As far as sound systems went – we were able to perform well just like we almost did – however the challenge was capturing the attention of the audience. Unlike in the past where posters would do – these days there is so much more that goes into this type of work. The promotional aspect was definately a challenge for us because no one in our band or team had done social media marketing before. Reaching out to Influencers (people that we should really have been) – we learned how important it is to have a profile that people will gravitate towards.

Soon we had our own Facebook pages – but of course there is so much more than that. We moved on to Instagram and started getting the attention of other bands who also had their own following – putting up content was difficult at first – what would we promote.

Would we talk about our different team mates and how we can help others – would we demonstrate a new song – or more specifically a little blip or sample from one of our new songs. It was quite disconcerting – but in the end we are professionals and we knew how to engage and speak to our audience.

Sure enough – soon we were getting a bunch of fame and success online which translated to how well we were able to sell out shows here and overseas. Soon we could promote our shows by speaking directly to our band – which was important – we would let everyone know where we were and where we were going to be so that they could make plans to come out and see us.

Show business is a challenging field – at one moment you could be the hottest artist in the world – and the next moment you are washed up. By being one of the few older bands that embraced social media we were able to sustain our momentum – and our fans have remained loyal – even as we had made some mis steps that may have hurt our authentic brand image.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us on social media – followed our journey as we strove to become the best that we could be. We hope to continue playing shows and encourage everyone to follow us along on our social media links which should be at the bottom of this website – to be kept up to date with our latest gig dates and any other pertinent information.

Have a great day and thank you for liking our music!

While we have Instagram and Facebook one thing we still don’t have is a video presence – besides shooting music videos we want to talk more deeper about music and how it impacts everybody’s life – that’s why we are so happy to announce that our YouTube channel will be launched with the help of www.acousticaprojects.com.au/. As we have more news we will be sure to deliver it.

Re-opening of our band site

Bienvenue de nouveau sur notre site – vous le savez probablement, le site de notre groupe existe depuis un moment – et répertorions nos performances dans toute la France. Malheureusement, mon partenaire du groupe n’a pas été à la pointe de l’hébergement et d’autres choses – et oui, je le blâmerai! Mais à un niveau équitable, nous avons tous les deux vraiment laissé tomber notre passion – et nous avons donc racheté le domaine et nous sommes ravis de vous apporter toutes les informations sur notre banque – les Slim Wild Boars – que vous avez aimées.

Nous nous excusons auprès de tous ceux qui n’ont pas été en mesure d’obtenir des informations sur nos concerts. Soyez toutefois assurés que les dernières informations publiées sur notre site seront publiées ici: il vous suffit de cliquer sur le lien Concerts ci-dessus.

Nous espérons que vous viendrez assister à nos concerts et que vous nous soutiendrez lors du lancement de nouveaux albums. N’oubliez pas que nous organisons également des représentations privées pour les personnes intéressées. Nous pouvons également organiser des réceptions privées, des événements professionnels et des mariages.

Enfin, veuillez noter que si vous souhaitez récupérer l’un de nos CD, envoyez-nous simplement un commentaire sur la page Contact et nous pourrons vous en envoyer une copie signée.

Nous apprécions tous nos fans qui ont été patients avec la relance de ce site – et nous espérons que vous pourrez venir nous rejoindre pour notre nouveau concert à Paris, nous ne savons pas dans quel bar nous allons jouer mais nous espérons en obtenir un. perforamcen un mois.

Beaucoup de gens ne penseraient pas qu’avoir besoin de travailler pour avoir une bonne équipe serait important pour un groupe, mais ne doutez pas de l’importance de cela. Nous travaillons avec une entreprise qui nous a aidés à synchroniser et à offrir de très bonnes performances team building sydney lindfield.

Nous aimerions remercier l’équipe de Silkwood Medical de nous avoir aidés avec notre équipe et de nous avoir conduits à la meilleure collaboration possible au fur et à mesure que nous progressons.